Mary Beth’s Story

What do you love about Ft. Meigs?

I was shocked when they asked me to do this. I’m like I’m not fit. I’m about as far from fit as you can get. I look around at class and everyone is fitter than I am. I’m the one laying on the floor gasping for air. And from the floor I witness wonderful people getting stronger everyday and encouraging others to do the same.  I love the energy and the commitment that these crossfit people have. The people at Fort Meigs inspire me to be not just a better crossfitter(is that a word?) but a better person, more positive.

How long have you been doing Crossfit program? What type of exercise or sport (if any) had you been doing previously?

I have been doing crossfit classes on my own for 11 weeks. I do five days a week and haven’t missed a day. I wasn’t doing any type of exercise or sport for at least two years and my weight had ballooned up. I have always struggled with weight but this was the highest it had been.

What attracted you to the Crossfit program? What goals were you hoping to achieve?

I picked crossfit because my friend Alice Momenee was attending classes and kept telling me to come. I really didn’t know much about crossfit when I first showed up. I knew that I had to lose weight in order to feel better and in order to keep living. Losing weight is a whole package- not just what you eat or exercise but both together. They enhance each other and make each of the things easier. But the reason I committed to staying and coming was Sue Rees and Deanna Bauman. The first few weeks they were constantly helping me and encouraging me. They are both such wonderful people and I am so lucky that they were brought into my life.

What were your feelings going into your first day of crossfit and beginning this journey?

I was scared to death to start crossfit. Making the call to Sue to come even see the gym scared me. I worked with Deanna one on one for a few weeks to get to know moves and terminology. When she told me she thought I should try a class I felt like a toddler that had been holding on to their mom’s hand trying to walk and now she was pushing me to walk on my own. I didn’t think I could do it. But with her encouragement I went to my first class and completed it. This will be a long journey to fitness but the encouragement from everyone I receive is so powerful.

What do you like about Crossfit? What would you tell someone who was considering joining?

The thing I like best about crossfit is the people. The sense of community is so empowering that it makes you feel like you can do anything. I like how it combines different things such as strength, cardio and mobility. You aren’t just walking on a treadmill for an hour. You are engaged in the exercise and with the people. In that hour that I am there the rest of the world takes a back seat and I focus on the exercises(and not dying). I would tell anyone considering joining to just do it! People think that everyone that does crossfit is super fit and they couldn’t do it. But you can modify everything. I modify everything. You will learn your modifications. Don’t think about it. Just do it! Listen if this old, fat woman can do it – anyone can.

Favorite Crossfit movement?

Hhmmmmm……. I really can’t do any “crossfit” movements yet.  But I can login to wodify. Yes that would be my favorite thing. lol   But seriously my favorite move is deadlifts. That is probably because I feel my form is the best on this move.

What impact has Crossfit had on your daily life? Have you noticed changes? Have your loved ones noticed changes? What are they saying?

Crossfit has made my life happier, my moods have improved, and life seems more positive. I workout in the morning and it starts my day out right and makes me feel good all day. I know I am trying and working to improve myself. I have much more energy for life now. My love ones are proud of me.

Proudest Crossfit moment?

Gosh – I have so many proud moments since I have started this journey. Taking the first step into the gym. The first actual class I did.  Being able to get up off the floor without help again. The first time I used a big girl bar. The first time I strung 30 straight single jump ropes together. When I got a wodify account. The one and only blue Rx dot I have. Losing 27 lbs so far. Every time I get a pr on a lift. Making the commitment and showing up each morning. I love Crossfit and how I grow each day with it.

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