Melanie’s Story

What were your feelings going into CrossFit?

For years, I had tried different types of exercising, cycling, yoga, personal training and multiple different gyms and none of them ever stuck. I think the longest I ever made something stick was three weeks. Then one year ago, I decided I was going to try CrossFit. I still laugh at my first day because I remember the workout had wallballs in it and I couldn’t do them, I couldn’t even hold the 10lb ball and do squats. I remember laying on the floor and thinking I’m going to die… after two minutes of work. I got back up though, and came back and back again until I was coming every day. I had my share of frustrations and even wondered myself why I kept coming back. I struggled with Olympic lifts and I questioned whether I was ever going to get it. But I kept coming back, I was addicted. The feeling of mastering a movement, hitting a PR, or just the feeling of “wow I just did that” when there is something horrendous written on the Whiteboard is something you can’t get anywhere else.

What do you like about CrossFit?

I am so thankful I found CrossFit, and found a great community at Ft. Meigs CrossFit to grow with. Everyone is so supportive regardless of your ability, competitor or beginner, show up, give it your all and you will be cheered and high fived. One year into CrossFit and while I’ve crushed many of my goals that I would have thought unattainable in the beginning the best part is I still have more goals to crush! There are always new ways to push yourself with CrossFit and seeing that growth in yourself and others keeps you motivated to keep striving for more.

What impact has CrossFit had on your daily life?

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways. I used to be out of breath going up the stairs at home, I was tired all the time, my body would ache daily and my body was just out of shape. I was sad, angry and depressed and had been for nearly two years after suffering from secondary infertility and multiple pregnancy losses. I had tried counseling and anti-depressants none of which worked. Then I started CrossFit and I was finding myself with more energy, more strength and power, my body stopped aching, my body was looking leaner and stronger, and I was happy. I was happy every day and now I’ve been told I’m always smiling even when I’m working out.

First Year Accomplishments:
  • Bar and Ring Muscle ups
  • Hitting Triple Digits on Cleans, Bench, Snatches and Jerks
  • Wallballs lol
  • Goals for Year 2:
  • Get sets of 25 double unders
  • Complete Murph RX
  • Back Squat 200+
  • Deadlift 300lbs
  • Consistently string Bar and Ring Muscle Ups together
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